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Jonathan 2000
Customised fertiliser blends
Tailored to farming objectives
Whether your farming system is traditional, regenerative or
biological our approach covers soil, pasture and nutrient needs.

Farming system

Sheep & Beef

We have been supplying customised fertiliser blends for sheep and beef farmers for over 30 years through Mainland Minerals. Whether your farming system is more traditional, or you are moving to a more regenerative and biological system, we will meet your soil, pasture and sheep/beef nutrient needs.

The results are proven with better pasture and stock performance with large, well yielding stock at weaning and faster weight gains across all stock types. Lower animal health costs and ultimately better profits flow from getting what’s below the ground right.

With our fine particle fertiliser, customised granular blends and added bio stimulants we have all fertiliser and nutrient options available for any application method.

our proven framework

To help you achieve the very best results

Year one

  1. On farm analysis and visual soil assessment
  2. Comprehensive soil and/ herbage samples taken
  3. Result analysis with client and recommendations provided
  4. Below are three approaches our recommendations normally fall within


Low macro nutrient status & crops


Immediate or seasonal animal health solutions


Soil & animal health solutions

  • Clover
  • Chicory
  • Plantain


  1. Soil and / or herbage tests
  2. Monitor plots
  3. Visual soil assessment
  4. Animal mineral status, blood or biopsy


Proven Locally

Results are in

Ed Harrington of Sheffield is very proud of these lambs, raised on paddocks where Mainfert (formerly Mainland Minerals) supplied the fertiliser.

Our approach

Our Partnership

  • We’ll visit your farm and discuss your current fertiliser use and programme. We offer a soil visual assessment and will take soil/ herbage samples for testing.

  • When we have the results back, we’ll review them and prepare a recommendation and quote for you based on the specific requirements of that area of your farm and the current nutrient status.

  • We’ll call on you to discuss the soil/herbage test results and present the quote/s. At this stage your only cost is the soil test.

  • Once a quote is accepted we can go ahead with preparing your unique fertiliser blend.

  • When ready and to coincide with your timing, the fertiliser is despatched to you from our store.

  • Depending on the type of fertiliser, this can be applied by truck, aeroplane or helicopter, or if you have the spreader equipment we will supply a suitable blend for you to spread.

  • We will provide ongoing advice and follow up soil/herbage tests throughout the year.

Lets connect soon!

One of our experienced nutrient advisers looks forward to speaking with you soon.  Simply complete your name and details below and we will call you back.

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