Dr. Gordon Rajendram Soil Fertility, Agronomy & Farm Environmental Consultant.

Bringing science to the farm

New Zealand’s leading expert in soil fertility – Soil Scientist Gordon Rajendram (PhD). There are not many people who know the intricate details of soil balance and pasture or plant interaction quite like Hamilton-based soil scientist, Dr. Gordon Rajendram.

As New Zealand’s premier agricultural consultant, Gordon has more than 35 years of experience in analytical testing developmentapplied research and consulting to farmers and fertiliser companies.

“If you are looking to improve the quality of your soil, get the soil scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram onto the case”.

Serving both the Waikato region and the rest of New Zealand, Gordon is also independent meaning he can give you the correct and unbiased advice that will best serve you and your needs. Gordon is not linked with any fertiliser company, so you know that you are getting expert and independent advice.

Sampling and Testing is the most crucial step in the process of nutrient management. Having efficient and professional testing done has myriad of benefits that help farmers get the most out of their farm while keeping the environment healthy.

Soil Scientist Gordon Rajendram (PhD) can help farms get the correct soil and mineral balance that grows healthy pasture, crops and animals. Gordon lends his expert knowledge to farmers, helping them get the most out of their soil so their farm can work more efficiency, be sustainable while improving farm profitability. If farm consultancy is something you need, then make sure you get the best in New Zealand, the soil scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram out to your farm today.

Achievements & Awards


With BSc, MSc and a PhD to his name, Gordon is one of the leading experts on laboratory measurement techniques for chemical, biological and physical properties in materials.

With a comprehensive and wide-ranging knowledge of IANZ quality systems and procedures in order to have a laboratory, and its testing methods IANZ accredited, Gordon has over twenty six years’ experience in the laboratory, field and research expertise. This is just one of the myriads of reasons on why Gordon is considered one New Zealand’s leading Soil fertility experts.

Gordon is a member of New Zealand Society of Soil Science and is also a member of New Zealand Grasslands Society.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about soil and herbage testing, please feel free to contact our team of nutrient advisers.