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Informed decision making with
Comprehensive soil testing
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Farming system


Under todays changing and tighter environmental regulations Mainfert have developed a sustainable program for all types of crop. From understanding exactly what the crop requirements are through comprehensive soil testing including trace elements and physical parameters, to specific paddock and crop recommendations, Mainfert is there from the paddock preparation to harvest.

By following best practice and working with manufactures to develop sustainable non leaching high analysis products, with the most efficient application systems we are leading the way in future proofing your arable system.

With our fine particle fertiliser, customised granular blends and added bio stimulants we have all fertiliser and nutrient options available for any application method.

our proven framework

To help you achieve the very best results

Year one

  1. On farm analysis and visual soil assessment
  2. Comprehensive soil and/ herbage samples taken
  3. Result analysis with client and recommendations provided
  4. Below are three approaches our recommendations normally fall within


Low nutrient requirements


Immediate or seasonal animal health solutions


Soil health solutions

  • Macro Elements
  • Trace Elements


  1. Soil and / or herbage tests
  2. Visual soil assessment
  3. Animal mineral status, blood or biopsy


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