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Fine Particle Fertiliser

Individual Farm Specific Nutrient Program

Fine Particle Fertiliser

Taking even and accurate application of nutrients to the maximum, fine particle fertiliser has been proven for over 30 years by dairy, sheep, beef, deer, cropping, viticulture, and horticulture farmers.

An ideal macro, mineral and biological application for any farm type. Fine particles of fertiliser ensure even plant uptake through the soil leading to improved dry matter quantity and quality.

Applied by; Groundspread, tow and fert, aerial.

“The most efficient method of fertiliser and trace element application in New Zealand.”


– Dr Gordon Rajendram, soil scientist.

Key Benefits:
  • Customized mixes based on comprehensive soil testing

  • Accurate and even distribution of nutrients

  • Faster response with particles already broken down

  • High calcium and non acidic

  • Macro, trace elements, bio-stimulants and seed in one application

  • Environmentally advanced with less potential leaching and runoff

  • Ideal for traditional, regenerative and biology farming systems, dairy, sheep, beef, deer, arable, horticulture

Fine Particle Fertiliser Monitor Plot

13 Months Growth


Innovative Products

Fine Particle Fertiliser

The ultimate in nutrient and biological product applications. One pass will address macro elements, trace elements, lime and biological stimulants. It’s the most even and accurate application system available.

Mainphos Range

Mainphos is a Mainfert exclusive range of pH neutral, sustained nutrient release products.

Mainfert has worked with independent manufactures to develop fertilisers that meet modern requirements for non-soluble phosphate and sulpher applications. As with all Mainfert nutrient solutions the Mainphos range is adaptable to your system, for capital, maintenance, regenerative or biological farming requirements.

View MainPhos


Combination of urea, elemental sulphur, lime and humates. Reduces nitrogen inputs at the same time as applying regular amounts of elemental sulphur.

View Urate-S

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